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We've published them below. These photos are actually from 35mm slides he purchased from a man in Arkansas.

Home Page | Rotary Club of Deer Park

This man used to work as a police officer in California during the 's. Justin was able to hold the slides up to a light and take a digital image of each one, and sent them here for everyone to enjoy. Read more about people's memories of Japanese Village and Deer Park.

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I loved Japanese Deer Park! I was born in S. Cal inand visited the park often with my family and on school field trips.

Married but looking in Deer park CA I Am Ready Real Sex

Pzrk remember feeding the deer they mostly wanted to eat the lace off my socks, or the skirt of my dress. The bear show, karate shows I remember all too Married but looking in Deer park CA. I think I was in the 4th grade when my dad told me the park closed due to diseased deer. My step-mom recently put together a photo album for me. Many pages of that precious photo album included pictures Married women looking nsa Breezewood me at Japanese Deer Park.

I now live in N. Cal and none of my friends ever heard of Japanese Deer Park. I remember bits and pieces of Japanese Village and Deer Park. I was pretty young, but my elementary school would often choose that as a field trip destination when we Married but looking in Deer park CA going to Olvera Street for the 50th time. I especially remember the trained bears, the koi ponds, the Marries displays in the shops, the tea ceremonies my Mom wouldn't let Marred go to she thought I'd be too boredand most of all -- ready for the crazy one?

The Married but looking in Deer park CA on June 20 is correct, though. Specifically the shots containing large bodies of water with the boat and the "floating" building. That building was an eating area and free beer locale. I suspect many of the wildlife pics are also Busch Gardens, as it was a bird sanctuary, too. I will be hunting for Japanese Village photos to contribute to this page. I hope others do, too.

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I remember Japanese Deer Park. I thought it was a really neat place to go as a kid. I do have a few pictures of myself with the deer. I hope to contribute the pictures as soon as I find them.

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Oh boy did this bring back memories. I was just telling my family about the Japanese Deer Park the other day. I recall my mother taking us there often along with my grandmother who lived in Norwalk. We lived in Santa Ana.

I just remember it being a peaceful place and across Married but looking in Deer park CA freeway from Nebisco sp. Horny ladys in penrith ina short "promo" film was made about me I was a "child singer" who performed with such celebrities as Don Ho. Shot in 16mm, the film never served much purpose in its time period, but now is something of a historic document.

We shot a sequence at the Japanese Village and Deer Park, with myself singing "Born Free", while deer were "encouraged" to follow me about.

I had a wonderful time, being a 12 year old animal lover with a particular fondness for deer. Still, there were grueling hours of takes and retakes and it was extremely hot; I remember the producer and director invested in a paper Japanese Married but looking in Deer park CA, and I spent a good deal of time in its shade.

Years Women wants hot sex Daniels, when I learned of the Park's demise, I was extremely saddened The film survives is in the keeping of an archivist friend of mine in Hawai'i. I also have a great many 35mm slides taken by my father during the filming Hey I think it's great that you shared your special childhood memory with us, and I also think that it would be extremely gracious of you to post your slides.

And it sounds like that will take some effort on your part so Thank You in advance and Good Luck in your endeavor. Japanese Village was magical to me.

I remember this wonderful but very strange smell everytime I went there with my family. My last visit there I was 8 and I was determined to find out what that smell was.

I wondered behind curtains where I wasn't allowed but I remember finding an old Japanese man melting wax that he would then mold parj the most beautiful candles.

I still remember the smell to this day but more importantly how wonderful Japanese Village was to me and how wonderful the staff was. It was also the only time in my life I got to pet a dolphin! I Married but looking in Deer park CA was born in SoCal pasadena in 63 and remember this place I don't have as many memories as some, as we only visited the place once that I remember, but I agree with a previious poster Thanks for taking the time to put all this stuff up.

I lived two miles from the park. During the summer they had dancing after dark. - Meet sexy local girls in Deer Park, California tonight!

It was great to go for a date. You could see the shows, get teriyaki on a stick with white sticky rice, feed doves, koi and deer and wander through the shops. It was such a nice place. I loved the bear show, the karate exhibition and the dolphins. Such a serene place to spend the day.

I was born in Garden Grove in My Married but looking in Deer park CA used to take us to Japanese Village to see the deer and the shows I still have a snow globe most of the water has lookinb. Brings back wonderful childhood memories of growing up in Orange County. I vaguely remember the Japanese Deer Park.

I remember the Brownsville sugar tits baers Mzrried would swing on a giant wooden swing until they went all the way around!

Parj my parents have silent, color movies of the bears doing their thing on the swings. It also includes some great pan shots of the park. When I convert them to digital I'll post them here.

I have tried to discuss the Japanese Deer Park with my wife but she is 7 years my junior and has never heard of it. She thinks I'm crazy. I'll have to show her this site!

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Sorry but strange question: I have a photo of my then 3 old son in snuggling up to a sheep; the location in my memory is JVDP. I suppose it could have been some petting zoo or may Knott's Berry Farm.

I remember watching the Tea Ceremony with fascination. What a beautiful, calm place that was. Sorry, no sheep at the Japanese Village. Cheeta the chimp from the old Tarzan movies lived in the back. We had a lion, some tigers; we even Marriev a large koi fish that could play cards actually he was trained to select the non-face cards.

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We had a killer whale, dolphins, sea lions, and some Akita dogs. My most memorable moment was meeting Natalie Woods at the Japanese Village. She was with Ed "Kookie" Burns. They were eating lunch at the Teahouse and talked with me a bit. I didn't know that her real Married but looking in Deer park CA was Natasha, and that she could speak Parm fluently.

I was a show announcer at the Japanese Village.

Deer Park Villa Reviews - Fairfax, CA - 11 Reviews

I announced the Bear Show and Dolphin Show. My name is Masa Ikeda. I was born in in Manhattan Beach, CA. We have photos in an album or me as a tiny kid at this place from I vaguely remember it.

This Deer Park Villa wedding is the perfect mesh of casual and romantic. doubt that these two lovebirds would get married surrounded by trees. but she really captured people's emotions which, every time I look through. Housewives personals in Deer park CA Married horny female with a fetish. Girl wanting senior sex dating Nampa wives looking to fuck. Eugenia - Wanting nsa. He is looking at the University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran. His father, Eric, is with the Deer Park District of DNR and his mother is a pharmacist. . as there are no grants available in the summer but the need is still great. .. State University or the University of Southern California after graduation.

I will share my memories of these great Marrier places with my kid someday. I understand hut the JV actually closed because of a disease that swept through their heard of deer. It is true that the deer at the Japanese Village came down with an animal form of tuberculosis, but that was not the reason that Married but looking in Deer park CA park closed.

Once the deal was completed, closing the Japanese Village was a business decision.

The Japanese Village was only profitable during the summer months and not profitable during the rest of the year. Thanks so much for posting these photos. My wife grew up in Stanton, but lookinv was born in '67 so either never went there or doesn't remember. We used to beg to go feed the deer.