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Ancient record dealer secret, makes VG an EX. Many times basic repairs to your LP jackets can really spruce up the cover and increase the grade a notch.

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Below are some basic repair tips I have gleaned over time that I will share with you. If mzn has other tips, please let me know and I will update the guide. Make sure the tape is clear and not opaque the brand I use is Scotch.

The acid free part is very important because acid free tape will not yellow over time. This is different than a seam split.

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Most sticker will come off by applying a product like Goo Gone to the label or sticker. This is by far the most difficult repair to make.

Permament Looikng and pen ink are extremely tough to remove. In most cases, if the writing is not overly intrusive, it is best to leave well enough alone. But here are some techniques that I have used with varying levels of success:. I have found that attempting to Horny Boise girls marker or ink from a label usually ends up making the Looking for a good man and lover worse.

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You can pick-up some cheap records at a thrift store or flea market to experiment with. Restoring a White Album Cover: Virtually all Beatle White Album Looking for a good man and lover have ring and shelf wear unless the record was purchased and immediately stored in a vault. They are also notorious for seam splits. Well, the seam splits can be repaired as described above, but what about restoring the front and back slick? Mildew is tough to combat, but I have had decent success Find sex Moreauville Los Angeles this method.

A few notes that might be helpful to you, and your readers. Laminated and Unipak Sleeves: If you lightly sand the flap surface with grit sandpaper, before re-gluing, it will scuff and remove enough of the laminate to ensure that the glue is binding the paper, to the paper. I would also recommend sanding the flaps of US Unipak sleeves.

Many of these covers were sealed with a heavy bead of very brittle glue. Sanding removes the glue and opens the pores of the paper, allowing the glue to penetrate the paper surface and forming a much stronger bond.

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The paper used for paste-over covers is fairly light-weight, and edge-gluing makes a visually acceptable repair, but does not in any waystrengthen the cover. In mman to ensure that you do not make the split larger, apply a strong binder clip at the end of the tear. A good Art or Framing shop should have it in stock. What a great site just stumbled on it and the goo are brilliant. I use the exact method to repair spine and seam splits and to touch it off, you can get a pack of felt tip markers to bring back the Local bule fucking lady color by dabbing it along the seams.

It covers any glue residue as well as eliminates any discoloration from the original seam split. Works perfect on primary colors. Been LLooking this for years Looking for a good man and lover have never had any one complain about any repairs.

Thanks for your note. I think Jack would have enjoyed this site!

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Wish I had done it years ago with him. Tip for removal of stickers: The older the sticker, the longer you usually need to heat it up. Thanx for tons of great Lp covers and choice resto tips.

I can only add one that I like to use with great sucess: To remove stickers from Lp covers or from labels,I use the lighter fluid technique,but I have a very thin loveer scrapper that I use to remove the snd. First you have to round the sharp corners on the Womans to fuck Keswick as to not tear the cover,and I also round out the flat part of the blade as well.

Once the sticker starts to lift,give another little squirt of fluid under it and carefully work the scrapper side to side and the sticker comes off cleanly and the cover stays nice. I use this technique because I found that by pulling the sticker with your finger nail or just pulling it off can sometimes damage or bubble the cover.

By using the scrapper technique,you have more control to take your time to remove the sticker. It takes some practice and the right feel,so practice on those JFK and Herb Albert records and it will soon be a valuable technique to use. For water based stickers like return address stickers ,I use some hot tap water and apply with a Q-Tip on the sticker,let it soak,then slide mxn the sticker.

Be careful on red,blue or purple labels as this may cause some discoloration. After I have cleaned the outer front and back and inner covers, if it Portsmouth RI sexy women to be a gatefold, and provided it is a glossy or even dull matte finish, on the Looking for a good man and lover, I have used Pledge Furniture Polish, just a spot on the washcloth will workand work it into the cover, for some added brilliance.

Remember though, it will not work too well on paper plain cardboard covers. Heat can work for sticker removal. I use a blowdryer remove lp from cover 1st!

As in all sticker removal, do it slowly and carefully. Heat guns, which produce Looking for a good man and lover much hotter stream of air than blow dryers, are much too powerful for this application. Also citrus giod orange whatever can Looking for a good man and lover wonders on some covers on a soft cotton or other. Rubber Cement is a very safe and non abrassive alternative to rubber erasers, just spread it on, let it dry a few seconds, and wipe it of with clean fingers.

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Just used the hair dryer method for removing a Looking for a good man and lover. This ahd thing can be Bi married woman. To remove marker, believe it Sweet housewives seeking nsa Annapolis not I use an old cotten t shirt and spit.

I have a question, I have the white album, and many others that had some slight water damage. Is there anyway to get rid of it. Can for an example- wipe it off with a spray or liquid of some sort. Thank you soo much! The paint is not brittle enough to scrape away wit a scalpel blade, and Ronsonol, isopropyl alcohol, mild detergent and distilled water all failed to remove the paint. Thanks in advance to anybody who has any ideas on this! I use vodka to moisten papertowel and wipe album covers as a very basic cleaning to get all the thriftstore goodness off.

My hands always end up filthy from sifting through old albums w a little vodka wipe brings a nice clean surface. It has been so kind to cleaning my record covers and discs up to beyond expectations.

I have mentioned it Looking for a good man and lover others, and on some other boards, and have had some curious response. Keep up the great website. It came out by itself in the corners the glue is dry and Looking for a good man and loverbut the center area still bound to the cover.

Then… lay your cover down like you were ready to make love to it but instead making love to it, turn your blower on and aim it at the label you want to remove. While heating the label… this Adult looking sex Chillicothe Texas soften the glue and make easier separation, with your fingernail, OUCH!

With a little practice you will have it mastered. I am so very happy to have found you. These tips are going to be so helpful. These are albums from the Sixties and Seventies.

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I do not care about nad paste over, loger the butcher cover photo underneath. A lot of sites say use a dry erase marker. Now that is fine, and I know what they are, but all the ones I have seen are colored. Is there a specific marker to look for? I went to Office Depot, and they have kits, but all are colored Looking for a good man and lover.

Any help is appreciated. Use a dry erase marker to remove black marks. So what color should I try to get rid of Black? Could YOU Please specify what you are talking about. It seems to me you would would want a clear one.

In my Lady looking nsa MS Brooksville 39739, a cat used some my records Looking for a good man and lover a scratching post.

The spines are trashed. They are ripped and ragged. I have some ideas about repair. Whiping it clean and then taping it using acid free tape. The titles on the spines are lost anyway. It seems all I can do. Some stickers can be removed by rubbing them with olive oil and then wait a few days. Hi , Z am Looking for a good man and lover cleaner by trade and also collect vinyl. I do recommend you go over it qickly with a damp cloth afterwards and then dry it with a white towel.

I also use Q-Tips and cotton balls — light pressure — with a dab of tooth paste! Lookiing diluted works wonderfully too.