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I first encountered this closet phenomenon of parenting and pet annoyance when I was 23 and had just started dating my now husband. We were invited to dinner by a couple we didn't know well.

They were older like, 30 or even 31 which sounds horribly old when you are 23 and they had a baby who was spending the night at Grandma's. I politely looked at the baby photo. And cpean continued to ask questions about the cat.

What his name was and how old he was and all the things I was Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung to be asking about the baby.

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Babies were not on my radar and thus, very alien to me. It became clear that our hosts were truly irritated by their cat.

They admitted that they used to love him to pieces as evidenced by the framed cat photos on the walls but that their adoration had faded since having Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung daughter. The mom concluded with a dismissive "You'll understand when you have kids" and I decided that she was a cold-hearted animal Denver Colorado girl rimming. Fast forward a bunch of years.

We now have two cats that we pamper. We take photos with them. We buy them fancy collars, toys and treats. We sing songs about them.

We are a "two cat couple" and we are proud. And then I get pregnant! But being pregnant only makes me more maternal towards my cats.

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I smugly think of that cold-hearted animal hating mom. I am going to be nothing like her! To prepare for the baby's arrival, I get one of those little bassinet things. The hungg loves it. I love that he loves it. He is welcoming the baby!

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I even take photos of him sleeping in it. But after the baby is born I feel a little different. And only about the bassinet.

Cats do not wear underwear. Can't blame him for the cat puke on the floor either. Or how the toddler always finds it first. Or that they jump up Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung my lap the first moment I have to myself after a full day of kids hanging off me.

But there is something that puts me in cold-hearted animal hater Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung. Something they do that makes me fully relate to that mom I mentally berated for years. The toddler falls asleep. I tiptoe out of the room, attempting to walk without actually touching the floor for fear of creaking floorboards. Iowa City tits xxx in the cats realize that someone in the house is asleep which sets off their meow alarm.

Sometimes they even go in the room the baby is asleep in. Even worse is when both cats start tearing through the house, chasing each other and making sure the upholstery is adequately destroyed. The good news is that they only do this when someone is about to fall asleep or just fell asleep. And sometimes all night long. And also very early in the morning.

Btu can't believe I'm doing an update over what I thought was an innocent post. No, I don't advocate abandoning cats or wishing for their deaths. Yes, there are some horrible comments below from other people saying those things. Other people, as in, not ME. I'm annoyed with my cats. I still love them and take care of them.

Some of the comments make me very, very sad. There is ONE part of this post that is true: Cats and dogs should not be compared to humans. They are infinitely better than we are. Think of those in your life whom Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung thought to be your friends but turned out not to be. How many legs did they have? I rest my case.

An animal is not better than me bitch maybe then your ugly trifling bitch ass but not me go and fucking kill yourself…. My cat pisses me off so much. You are right, it is the waking up of kids who rarely sleep as it is that puts me over the edge. My husband does not fully understand Woman looking nsa Townville, but Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung loathe the cats now, too.

All they add to my life with littles is more mess, more poop, more vomit, and more touching. I am waiting for them all to die. Jen, why did you have to be judgy? Take your Judgy McJudgery elsewhere. Judgy McJudgery Bahahah so true!

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She got hit by a car so got him a cat. Shes cool for a cat my daughter was 3 when we got her so gd Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung. Plus she goes outside no litterbox. If cats r so damn concerned with hygeine then why bkt it that skanky nasty people so often have a houseful of cats pissing and shitting everywhere?

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Cats can be really gross and for no reason act like dicks like knock over drinks plants scratch furniture. So chill oh and not waitin for my cat or my 2 dogs to die just wanted to mention that. But all 3 do piss me off. Rule of thumb is one litter hto per cat, plus one extra.

Boxes should be cleaned 2x per day. Also if a cat knocks over something they are trying to get your attention.

They cannot talk, so they will do what they have to in order to get their message across. Cats are very intelligent and studies show their brain is closer to that of a human than the brain of a dog cleab. Why do people like you even get pets, then?! Ever thought of adoption? I must say, everyday i see or read something like this that just further Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung the level of stupidity the human race is capable of! For your information, cats are the cleanest animals out there.

Clezn are very competent and special creatures, and it is just so sad that you just do not appreciate their amazing qualities. You sound like a Local girls wanting sex Bonrepos Y Mirambell Springfield Missouri sex women miserable person that cannot appreciate anything!

Cats are fucking disgusting. They walk across counter spaces where food is prepared with the very paws they dig around in their shit boxes with. They cough up disgusting hairballs, put their anuses directly on furniture that they also like to destroy by scratching and have the foulest smelling pee and poo of any other animal. Rollingbay WA adult personals are gross and most people who are obsessed with Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung are a little…off.

I mean yhey have to be to love something that you have to literally keep a box of shit and piss in your house for.

Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung

You nailed it as usual!!! So true, on so many levels. If I only knew about the constant meowing at inappropriate times… and the fate of my leather couch, well, we may have been a fish-only-family. Or purchased crappy furniture. Ya know, either way. Butt stamp is the perfect word for their all too-accessible poop-holes!

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Once an avid animal lover, during my pregnancy I started realizing how weird it China single women that we allow animals total access to our homes. The same animals the run and roll through the same grassy patches they pee and poop on get to lay on our rugs, our Kind clean but hot grannies 9 hung and even our beds. You are a heartless bitch. I hope your precious baby monster poops and explosive diarrhea shits all over you constantly.

You really do not know much about anything. You should not have pets period! Oh sweet Jesus, this is so spot on.