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Come early Sunday morning Nov.

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But the best time to look will be during the after-midnight hours of Sunday morning, once the source the meteors appear to stream from, called the radiant, comes above the horizon for observers in North America.

The Anoyne appear to fly away from a point located within the Sickle of Leo hence the name "Leonids".

Actually, the nod best time to observe the Leonids is as close to dawn as possible. This is when viewers will be able to avoid glare from a waxing gibbous moon which sets before 2 a.

Under ideal dark-sky conditions, a single observer can expect to see about 10 to 15 of these ultraswift meteors each hour. They ram into our upper atmosphere at 45 miles 72 kilometers per second — faster than any other meteor shower.

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As such, as many as half leave visible trails, and every once in a great while you might be treated to an outstandingly bright meteor called a "fireball" or a meteor that silently explodes in a strobe-like flash along its path called a "bolide". Such meteors become so bright they can cast distinct shadows.

Since November mornings tend to be quite chilly, verging on downright cold, the best suggestion is to be sure and bundle up. The best piece of equipment for meteor watching is a long lounge chair in which you can lie back and look up without putting any stress on your neck.

Look up into the sky, keep your eyes moving around and don't stare at any one place.

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Pretty soon you'll see a streak in the sky; mentally trace the streak backward. When another streak comes by, trace that backward also and see if it came from the same region of the sky as the first.

By the time a third streak appears, you should be able to verify that the emanation point is indeed within the Sickle, a backward question-mark pattern of stars that marks the head rigut mane of Leo, the Lion. What most people remember about the Leonids are the spectacular meteor displays that they staged during the through time frame.

In some cases, meteors Caro michigan pussy at rates of up to 3, per hour!

The comet reached the far end of its orbit, called aphelion, inso the Leonids have been weak in recent years. Unfortunately, on its way back in toward the sun, the comet will pass close to Jupiter, whose potent gravitational field will noticeably perturb the orbit of the comet and its accompanying dense trails of dust.

So, stupendous "storms" of meteors are not likely to occur on the next Leonid cycle. Still, there is a chance of some significant activity.

Russian meteor expert Mikhail Maslov has predicted that on Nov. Not a meteor "storm," but still potentially a very impressive display.

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If you snap an amazing Leonid meteor shower photo you'd like to share with Space. Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom and on Facebook.

Original article on Space. Have a news tip, correction or comment?

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Let us know at community space.